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arrow 玫瑰活膚化妝水
  Rose Toning Lotion / 120ML
arrow 淨白無瑕精華霜
  Whitening Flawless Cream / 30ML
arrow 雪絨花智慧超導晶萃
  Exceptional Complete Care Essence / 30ML
arrow 清透防護隔離乳
  Fresh Sunblock Lotion / 30ML
arrow 蜂王乳活顏抗皺精華霜
  Royal Jelly Activation Cream / 30ML

About Company




In BOCHUN BIOTECH CO. LTD, our main business is for beauty care products industry, and we insist on the quality requirements of the ingredients of our own brand to launch a variety of products, hoping to present to you an improved care for your skin problems, from cleaning to deep repair, containing moisturizers, whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-acne and other products to solve all your skin problems.

External beauty comes from a healthy diet, good habits, appropriate exercises and the use of high-quality skin care products, and if you want to maintain a beautiful and healthier skin you need to use the right methods and the right products, that's why we insist on using the highest quality ingredients and formulas emphasizing on the benefits to bringing the best skin-friendly and safe product with a simple and elegant package, so your skin can become healthier, that is CENLIS brand core spirit. We hope to give our consumers a true value, and can become a good word of mouth brand.

"Quality in our life and integrity is the sustainable operation of our road, and we pursue 100% customer's satisfaction as our goal". Our company's products are made in Taiwan with ISO 9001 quality certification system and the cosmetic's GMP standards, and we cooperate with the INDUCHEM technology, a Swiss raw materials supplier, and our products have passed SGS inspection and certification, that's why we only choose the best quality products for our customers.



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